About us

Olawale Onibata

Established in 2011, Olawale Onibata Inc. was created with the desire to ensure that our customers have access to best quality and premium footwear at affordable prices. Onibata is known for delivering value to its customers by providing customized solutions to them by carefully understanding the customers’ needs and style and matching products that meet the customer’s budget. We have served over a thousand customers and have established a strong supplier network to always ensure that we have what our customers want. We also have a good delivery process, ensuring that shoes are delivered within 2-3 working days after the order has been placed.

Brogues 90%
Slippers 80%
Loafers 80%
Sandals 70%
Sneakers 90%

The Company

As part of our expansion plan, with over 2 years research work done on the production of premium shoes using locally sourced materials, we at Olawale Onibata Inc. have established that it is time to provide the market with quality shoes that would speak to their specific needs. We have designed a range of 12 products that would influence the current and future trends in the choice of footwear by customers. Based on the growing youth population in nigeria, the market for footwear is growing at an increasing rate while the supply of quality premium footwear is declining. Olawale Onibata Inc. is stepping in to fill this gap, by ensuring that our premium footwear is readily available and very affordable. Our marketing strategy is designed to effectively communicate our values and policies to our target market while ensuring